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This is a scan of pregnant women for the duration of the pregnancy. This includes an indication of:

  • The due date
  • Assess the growth and development of the baby
  • Provide information on the baby’s anatomy and assess any abnormalities

Modern technology has made it possible for parents to have a peek into a mysterious world of their unborn baby. The technology allows you to look at the developing baby from the first trimester to the third trimester. Looking at a waving hand, little feet kicking, somersaults, stretching and curling up into a comfort zone. Ultrasound enhances family bonding, provides an opportunity to have a record of early memories of your baby.

What should you expect?

  • Preparation: You will be advised of the appropriate preparation once you have made an appointment
  • After the test: A report of the examination will be sent to your doctor. You should discuss details of the result and any necessary treatment with your GP or hospital specialist.

Should any abnormalities be detected during your scan, further investigation may be required.  Some problems may not be detected by ultrasound.